Importance of semantic services provided by Lewik

We are living in the age of information overload. Everyday we are confronted with more and more information sources of various quality. These information sources are taking great amount of our mental capacity that cannot be used for work or studying.

That is the reason why are the advanced Web 3.0 tools so important - they enable us to study, learn, search and work in the more efficient way.


Lewik's mission is to provide Web 3.0 users with tools for more efficient work with information and knowledge.


Our approach to make the work with information and knowledge more efficient is based on a semantic decomposition method. By using advanced analytic tools and techniques, we identify everything that is important in documents and web sites - concepts, definitions, descriptions, rights, duties, procedures, facts, evidence, formulas, designs, ... (so-called semantic entities). If entities are not labelled, we will label them and subsequently classify, address, link, and display them, for example, in the form of Trees of Knowledge (Web 3.0 Standard W3C SKOS).


We consider it useful to provide free tools and resources to the general public (Slovak and worldwide) for more effective education, understanding, and knowledge gathering. That is why we have created more than 60 freely accessible trees of knowledge from Slovak and the world sources, including our own trees for working with the MS Word text editor or the MS PowerPoint presentation program.

Many trees are from the currently published or approved documents, e.g. EU-Canada Treaty: CETA or the Istanbul Convention on the Prevention of Violence against Women.